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Whedonland is a team community that is based off of the Harry Potter school/sorting communities. There are four teams, which, for the most part, you can choose which to join. You will be encouraged to participate in activities from all four fandoms (and Dr Horrible). The community is not for the new-to-lj folk. Please have some basic concepts of how communities are run if you want to apply.

What goes on:

Whedonland is not your average community. We offer a wide variety of activities, games and contests for the members here. Most of these opportunities also feature a point reward for your team when you participate. The team with the most points will be awarded the WIN. Each week, there will be several different challenges that you can enter. We also place a high emphasis on getting to know folk.

What happens here:

01. Graphics challenges. These can be anything from icons to wallpapers to buttons. We have a number of talented graphics makers and we get to see so many pretties!
02. Games. From word finds to soduku to rando luck games and trivia, we have weekly games for you to participate in.
03. Writing. We have weekly writing contests from haikus to drabbles to longer challenges of 1,000+ words.
04. Gift-giving. We're pretty loving around here and have an entire comm devoted to giving gifts to each other.
05. Social posts, chat and getting to know each other. It's great to find Joss fangirls and boys that are similar to you. We have a community devoted to all kinds of social activities.

General community rules:

01. You must be at least 13 years of age to join this community. This is a livejournal rule and we honor it.

02. TyP LyKe DiS or generally be a prat and you will be asked to leave. We're adults here. Proper grammar is also a plus.

03. Do not spam our communities. Yes, you are able to post. No, we don't want unnecessary posts. Don't join just to pimp your icons or your comm. You can't do that here.

04. Dr Horrible possesses the power to remove you from the community for any of the following reasons: disorderly behavior, spamming, disregarding the rules, continuous off-topic posts or blatantly idiotic or frustrating behavior to team members. You ARE warned. Dr Horrible will not remove members from the communtiy without first checking with the Oracles (aka team mods and comm mods).

05. We reserve the right to remove folks who are inactive in the community. Participation is important. There are a limited number of spaces on each team and we want to have active members in the teams. If you're unable to participate in something at least once every two weeks, you will be removed. We want to fill that spot with someone who will. If you go on vacation or hiatus, please let us know. We won't remove yo if it's less than three months, but if it's more, please leave and come back when you're ready.

06. On that note, every member is required to participate in something at least every two weeks. If you're not online that frequently, please don't apply.

07. Although competition is encouraged, please do not bash other teams. NEVER abuse a team member because they couldn't or didn't participate in a certain activity. It's okay not to do everything. Inactive members will be removed. Team members don't need to worry about this.

08. Do NOT post swear words in the main community; please keep it clean.

09. No character bashing in entries. While discussing opinions on characters, shows, etc, is fine in your team communities, entries must not bash any character or show you dislike.

10. Read the rules. No points will be allocated to people that do not read and follow the fules in a challenge post. Please take the time to ask questions if instructions are unclear to you.

11. Application rules: please have watched at least two shows. This is a WHEDONverse community. We are not specifically concentrating on any one show. Most of our challenges will include all four shows.


You will receive points for participating in activities. There will be a running tally of points on the sidebar and spreadsheet. However, points won't be allocated until the end of the challenge. A summary of the points will be posted in the challenge post. You don't have to participate in everything and there will be very few reminders.

This community was created by nowgold after participating at platform_934.

Dr Horrible aka your evil taskmaster digitaldesigner

I do not have a team and am therefore impartial. If you have any questions you can't take to your team leader, please drop me a line.

The Oracles

The oracles are the team leaders and mods here at whedonland.

Mod Teams
haces222, lotrangel17 and craterdweller - Team Angel
evangelin1202 and hermionesparkle - Team Buffy
afrocurl, ladycallie and platysseus - Team Dollhouse
fushiforever - Team Firefly

Questions, leaving and other important stuff

To apply, you must prove you have read the rules. Please give me a favorite quote in the phrase section. It will be different for everyone so if it's the same as the person above you, I will know you haven't read the rules.
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