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HELLO. I'm the old mod here at whedonland, for those that don't know. I wanted to take the time to say goodbye. I created this comm and it was my baby for a long while. For this phase i'm going to take a complete break, and have some time off from the whedon.

I wanted to say, before i go, how much this comm means to me, how it was my haven in a bad time, and it was my happy place :D No matter how much i had to do (and i complained, for sure, and made xmaidelx tally one too many times!) I enjoyed it because it made people happy.

I'm really excited about the shake-up. Its something that we've talked about since the first phase, and again after Dollhouse was cancelled, as we were worried about one team being more popular than others. We have also considered changing the team names, and closing down whedonland, but hopefuly this switch up will avoid that happening. I know some of you are frustrated with it, but i can guarrentee you from stalking overseeing all four comms, that no matter who you end up with, you will love them. This comm is 100% pure awesome.

Anyway this goodbye has gotten a bit rambly. I'm hoping to return once life settles down in March or for the next Apocolypse, and I'm excited to be joing a "new" team then.

But in case i get hit by a bus between now and then or something, i wanted to abuse my modly priviledges one more time, and say I love you. All of you, for making this comm so amazing and for all the friends i've met through here. I imagine many of you share the same sentiment. <3.

ending this post now because four paragraphs is ridic and no one will read this :D
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