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Challenge 5.

Challenge 05; TEAM BINGO

Challenge Complete the bingo card in your teams. As a TEAM you only have to do each item ONCE.

No time limit, just when you are done.
There are bonus points for the first finished (but please don't rush it for the sake of it)
There are bonus points for most participation (so if you go to fast, you could miss out on points!)
There are points for completing every item off the list. If you want to skip an item, that's fine.
No one person can do it all (at least two people must do this challenge, but it's better all around if everyone does it)

25 points for each square (250 points)
Bonus Points for most participation & Fastest Team. (300, 175, 100, 50).
+ 10 points to every member that participates (in discussion/organising counts)

DUE When your team is finished, please list the bingo cards and links to the results here. (a google doc or Lj-page in your team is fine, just whatever works best for you.)

Chat rooms are welcome and encouraged.

1. 500+ comments in your team comm (multiple posts are fine, talking about this challenge or WHATEVER is fine doesn't have to be a straight spam post).

2. Complete the following Jigsaw puzzles (link completed screencaps):

3. Complete the following Worsearch (link completed image):

4. Complete the following mini-scavenger hunt :

5. Complete the following Trivia :

6. Who said it and where? give me the speaker and the episode for the quotes :

7. Make 20 icons; five for each show.

8. Write a Story with at least 1000 words. Can be written together/as a series of drabbles/in a chat room/whatever. Crack, as always, welcome.

9. Create and Publish a Team Spirit Mix of A front and Back cover and 8 or more songs. If you've previously made or discussed one you can use elements of this to complete your mix. (if you have a mix already, you must create a new one but can use some parts of the old one)

10. Write a short dramatic scene of at least 300 words depicting a missing scene from a whedon show. Can occur during an episode but off camera, or after the show ended etc. crack as always, welcome. (*BONUS* accompaning artwork will be +20 points)

Questions to this post.

NOTE This is an experimental challenge and i hope you have fun, i know it looks like a lot of work but split between your 30+ members it shouldn't be toooo hard ;D Feedback IS welcome though, so leave it here or pm me if you like.

ps. for the record, there will be no NEW challenges till the end of the weekend.
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