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Whedonland is a team community that is based off of the Harry Potter school/sorting communities. There are four teams, which, for the most part, you can choose which to join. You will be encouraged to participate in activities from all four fandoms (and Dr Horrible). The community is not for the new-to-lj folk. Please have some basic concepts of how communities are run if you want to apply.

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Apocalypse 6 Winner

Well, another apocalypse has come to a close. You all did very well and should all be proud of everything you have accomplished. Only one of you can claim the victory, though. Who was it? Did Team Angel win for the third time in a row? Did Team Buffy hold onto their lead? Or did Dollhouse or Firefly come back and take everyone by surprise?

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Lims Voting; Round TWO.

VOTING! Lims Round Two :D

Voting ends 29th November, 9pm. Please vote following the specifications below.

- Vote for your 3 least favourite icons. aka those that you think are of a lesser standard to the others.
- Provide a REASON for why you think they are of lesser standard.
- If you're not familiar with providing lims concrit, please use THIS GUIDE
- If you don't feel comfortable voting, please don't vote. I know its 2 points, but its also only 2points and i would rather not have votes from those that don't feel qualified.

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Challenge Last Icon Maker Standing.

Description This is basically the reality game show of Icon making. Everyone who enters gets voted on, and icons get eliminated each round. It is brutal, i'm not going to lie, so if you can't handle being voted out/eliminated, then the "pariticipation only" thread is for you.

Here is how it works. Sumbit an icon from the following cap to either the LIMS ENTRY or PARTICIPATION ONLY THREAD. Icons are worth 10 points this round.

The first round, I'll be elminating probably around half the entrants. Icons will be voted on to do so. After that it'll get a little more complicated and I'll explain Further as it comes. Icons will be voted out using CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM AKA HERE and entries will be anon.

10 for your icon in the first round (this post)
+ 5 for each "round" you survive
+ 2 for voting each round (anyone can vote)
+ 100 points grand prize, +50/40/30/20/10 for the 5 runners up.

Due The first Icon is due in one week, 18th November 9pm EST. (current EST)

YOUR CAP: Icons must be made of this cap and this cap only. You may use text, brushes, whatever you want to make your icon.
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And the Winner is...

I've posted member lists to each of your team comms. Please make sure you're on it. Otherwise you will be cut from the community. If you're planning on leaving and have not told me, let me know that, too. There may be some/several posts in the next few days. Sorry in advance if I get spammy. :D

And now for what you're all here for...

Points as of three weeks ago:


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